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"Oh boy it's a great act!"  

Penn & Teller (Magicians)

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"You are so charming, wonderful and I love you!" 

Alyson Hannigan (Actress, TV host) 


"Recently, we’ve had a top delegation with us who visited Lithuania the first time and we’ve organised a highly bespoke trip for them. One of the most memorable parts they’ve recalled, was actually Magician Rokas, he was simply incredible in engaging with the audience, building up the suspense and constantly bringing magic touches throughout their stay with us. He is an absolute professional I would work with him anytime again, can wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone looking to wow a crowd."

 Kai Schukowski (General Manager of Kempinski Hotel)


"Rokas is a rising star in the world of magic & illusion."

Jeff McBride (Magic Teacher of the Century)


"I have worked with Rokas both as a performer at the same event, as well as producing a show for him. From both perspectives Rokas is an absolute joy to work with. He is one of the most positive people I know and that comes through in his performance, bringing joy and radiating positivity that ripples through the audience.

He works hard and will promote the event, making a producer look great. Making a producer's job easy is a rare talent and he does that with ease.

Hire Rokas, work with Rokas. No matter what you do, he will make you look good."

Paul Prater (Performer, consultant, writer, producer)

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